Sleep Healing Music [THETA to DELTA] Fall Asleep Fast ★︎ Stress Relief, Binaural Beats

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Stressful day? Time to fall into healing sleep with this relaxation music. I created this video to help you sleep quickly and effortlessly.

Ease into a restful night’s sleep by listening to these soothing ambient sounds. Calm your stressed mind and control your breathing to lower stress easily.

I produced this track with a custom Binaural Beats cycle of 90 minutes:

00:00 7Hz - Theta Relaxation

20:00 4Hz - Theta Sleep

50:00 2Hz - Delta Sleep

???? Listen to this music on a comfortable (low) volume when you sleep.

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???? Binaural Beats have shown to reduce levels of stress and anxiety.
The binaural beat frequencies may affect brain waves - a process called entrainment (headphones required). No headphones required to enjoy the calming sounds.

© Copyright & Credits
・Sound & Music, Art-Direction and Editing by Zac

???? Artwork and animation by Anton Dmitriev

✔️ I get asked about my gear, software and creative process so here are some FAQ:

▶ What software do you use?
I use a variety of Digital Audio Workstations - mostly Ableton Live 10 - with software synthesizers as well as sampling techniques. Visuals are created with Adobe's CC tools.
Recording devices include the Olympus LS-10 and Zoom H4n Pro.

▶ Can I use your music?
All music and audio are original compositions created and produced by me personally.
They can not be copied, reused, remixed, re-uploaded or distributed without permission.

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