Solo 100k Nightfall Fallen S.A.B.E.R. (Platinum Rank / Legend) [Destiny 2]

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Destiny 2 Season of the Chosen - Solo 1300 Legend Nightfall Fallen SABER / Platinum 100k Score. Just a video showing a solo clear for the 1300 legend Nightfall this week in Fallen SABER. Details below.

00:00 - Load Out & Load In
01:13 - Defend the Warsat
05:04 - Enter the bunker
07:42 - Arc Charge
12:39 - Boss Fight

Turned out to be a very fun strike this time around. A little sloppy overall as it was my first time running through, and had a couple of really close moments. But a lot of the approaches you could use in Destiny 1 still work in Destiny 2. The Warsat cheese is also still a few, it's just a little slower.

I'll have a solo master run up tomorrow. I wanted to upload both legend and master this week for reference on the champions as it's a new nightfall, but I think that's enough videos for today.

PC setup:
MSI MPG Z490 Mobo, i9-10900k CPU, RTX 2080 Super GPU, 64GB DDR4 3200 C16 Ram, 1TB NVMe SSD, 8TB HDD

Keybindings can be seen here:


Thank you so much for your support!
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