Summer Magic! ???? GIANT 36x36 Arteza & Art Alchemy Multiple Ring Pours! Amazing Iridescent Colors!

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Acrylic Pouring Painting Fluid Art Multiple Ring Pours Arteza & Art Alchemy Amazing Iridescents!

Hello Friends! Welcome back to another big one! Today we are pouring on a giant 36x36 gallery wrapped canvas!

I've been enjoying using Art Alchemy paints combined with Arteza's Pearl Series. Those of you who have been watching have seen me first struggle to turn ounces of paint into a 16 ounce then I figured out I could add them to Arteza paints and it was awesome! Today there was one new color, Magical Pond, that I really wanted to use, but couldn't figure out what color to mix it with. Today I mixed it with Golden's Iridescent Pearl and it came out awesome!

My colors are:
- Permanent Deep Violet
- Prussian Blue
plus some Art Alchemy Midnight Sky
- Iridescent Pearl
plus some Art Alchemy Magical Pond
- Iridescent Pearl
plus some Deep Violet
- Pearl Pistachio
plus some Art Alchemy Green Gold
DecoArt Americana Decor Metallics
- 24K Gold

Pouring Medium:
Liquitex Gloss Medium
There is NO Silicone
in any of my Paint

I layer my cups carefully down the side keeping contrast in mind. There are 5 ring pours on this canvas, so I have sped up the parts where I am filling up the cup in the interest of time.

After the 5 ring pours are poured I use whats left of that pretty baby blue color, Magical Pond, around each pour and as a flow extender.

I tilt it to cover the canvas, but I really like one ring pour in particular, and there is still a lot of paint moving quickly on the canvas so I tilt it until the paint is not moving anymore, and then I'm done!

The dried piece is really sparkly and Magical Pond is indeed combined with the Iridescent Pearl! I think it would work with any brand of iridescent Pearl; DecoArt, Sargents,



Omelet Turner (spatula)

Cups 16 oz

Giant Push Pins

Liquitex Gloss Medium

Arteza Metallic Acrylic Paint, Set of 8 Metallic Colors

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