The Curse of Oak Island S8E2 Explained

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The Curse of Oak Island: Season 8, Episode 2 Review

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A plot summary and analysis of the Season 8 Premiere of ‘The Curse of Oak Island’, entitled ‘The Boys are Back’.

A diver re-explores the bottom of Borehole C1 and makes a tantalizing discovery. Doug Crowell discovers the Barringer Survey and an old Fred Nolan survey map in the archives of Dan Blankenship, both of which indicate the presence of an underground tunnel on Oak Island’s Lot 15. Laird Niven and archaeologists David McGinnis and Aaron Taylor begin to uncover a mysterious stone structure on Lot 15. Nearby, Gary Drayton and Jack Begley make a “top pocket find” which hints at an exotic Oak Island theory.

0:00:00 – Introduction
0:00:25 – The Laginas in Quarantine
0:00:55 – The Drilled Stone on Lot 15
0:03:42 – The Non-Ferrous Metal Deposits
0:05:02 – The History of the Uplands Pit
0:07:26 – The Discoveries at Isaac’s Point
0:08:25 – The Leather from 8A
0:10:04 – The Laginas Return to Oak Island
0:10:58 – Carmen Legge’s Analysis of the Isaac’s Point Pickaxe
0:11:40 – Gary Drayton Reveals the Top-Pocket Find
0:13:02 – Dave Blankenship’s Retirement

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