The Devil All The Time Ending Explained Breakdown & Full Movie Spoiler Talk Review | NETFLIX

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The Devil All The Time Ending Explained Breakdown & Full Movie Spoiler Talk Review | NETFLIX. We review, recap, explain and discuss the deeper meaning of The Devil All The Time On Netflix September 16th. The film stars Tom Holland, Robert Pattinson and More.

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0:00 Intro
0:32 Title Meaning
1:00 Willard's Story
1:56 Coincidence Or Divine Intervention?
3:21 Willard's Story
4:06 Lenora's Story
5:44 Sheriff Bodecker
6:04 The Preacher
7:44 Arvin Goes On The Hunt
8:27 Sandy And Carl
10:49 The Devil All The Time Ending Explained
12:24 The Devil All The Time Review
13:17 Outro

The Devil All The Time Title Meaning

Ok so the title of the film very much ties into the religious aspects that we see laced throughout the piece. Set primarily on the bible belt of America in West Virginia we watch as interconnecting stories all join together to form one overarching narrative that feels like a true American gothic horror.

Though the film feels extremely bleak, almost relentless in its depiction of life and death it does end with a glimmer of hope that suggests there may be light at the end of the tunnel.

Initially, we join a world war two veteran named Willard who has just returned from war. After his wife is diagnosed with cancer, he becomes obsessed with prayer and forces their son to do this almost every day down at a makeshift log which is viewed as HIS church. In the book and the movie, it's remarked that he prayed so much to God that to his son it seemed like he fought the devil all the time however, the movie goes far beyond that.

The Devil All The Time Ending

Arvin discovers the photographs that Carl had kept of his victims and he flees. The pairs bodies are found and Bodecker burns the evidence of their misdeeds, further taking the choice of hiding things instead of doing the right thing.

The exposure of these crimes could've given a lot of families sympathy but Bodecker hides them and attempts to go after Arvin.

He correctly guesses that Arvin would return to his father's 'Church' and the character does this to bury their dog which is a promise that he made as a child.

He accepts that the dog needed to go with his mother but this moment is quickly cut short. Bodecker arrives and Arvin manages to kill him. Man Sebastian Stan looks so much like Mark cast him in a Luke Skywalker movie or something

It's tragic because all of this could've been avoided had the Sheriff arrested his sister but instead he gave into his desire for power.

The Devil All The Time Ending Explained

Arvin is picked up on the road and he finally gets a chance to rest. Now though we don't know what happens to the character for definite, he does get a moment of clarity in which he sees his entire life almost made out in an instant.

There are some brief cuts that actually demonstrate what will happen to Arvin and this ending should sort of be seen as his life flashing before his life all at once. We realize that the police discover the truth about Bodecker and also Preston which Arvin hopes will show that he had his reasons if ever he's caught.

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