The LEGENDS of Social Media | Facebook Cartoons Part 5 | TRIGGERED INSAAN | Magic Flicks REACTION!!

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Hey Guys, here is our HONEST Reaction and Review to The LEGENDS of Social Media | Facebook Cartoons Part 5 by Triggered Insaan

Triggerd Insaan looks at some absolute legends of social media, especially Facebook.

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Namaste, Sat Sri Akaal aap sab nu.

Welcome to our channel, you are here with Stevie K and Sureet, we post 2 videos daily where we create HONEST reactions and reviews for trailers, songs, movies, shows and videos from other Youtubers.

What makes us different to other channels is that we understand and speak English, Punjabi and Hindi and are always HONEST.

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We were born and raised in the UK, our parents and grandparents are from Punjab, India.

Most of the videos we make are requested by you.

We are a couple who have been together for 22 years and sometimes we have our four children aged 19, 18, 16 and 9 join us in our videos.

We do this as a hobbie because as a family we have grown up watching and loving Bollywood and Indian Cinema/Movies and we also either love Filmmaking or Fashion, and we get to express that here, also we get to do things as a family and have fun together.

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Aap sab ka Bahut Bahut Dhanyavad

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