The Secrets of Hyram's Favourite Cleanser | Simple Micellar Facial Gel Wash

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Hey skinthusiasts!! I review one of Hyrams all time favourite cleansers that you can see in all of his videos. We look at the ingredients list and pick a part the formula as well as discuss the consistency and which skin type it's best suited for.

I hope you enjoyed the video and I hope you are all safe and well!

Links below for you to check out:

Simple Micellar Facial Gel Wash - #accordion-content-80591984540024-2

US link to Simple Micellar Facial Gel Wash -

DMS Pentavitin -

Disclaimer: I am not a dermatologist nor an aesthetician, I am however incredibly passionate about skincare. I love to try out new products, brands, research ingredients and give you an honest opinion on the very best affordable and effective skincare you can get your hands on. With skincare, there is a lot of research out there that can be misleading or incorrect when published. Science and technology continue to thrive and with that, comes new and updated scientific backing and research to our most beloved skincare ingredients. So please take this into consideration as I try my very best to source accurate information at the time of filming.

Adam :) x
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