The Untold History : From MANGA To ANIME || Part 2 || Raja Tech LTE [Hindi]

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What's the untold History of Manga, is revealed in this video. Manga came into existence in 12th century and was converted into Anime in 20th century for the first time. In this video you will see your favorite Anime's history in the form of Manga. so don't waste time here, just go and watch the full video.
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Time Stamps :

0:00 Let's be in suspense
2:00 Sazae San Manga Story
3:55 Spread of Manga in 1950-1969
4:29 Popular Manga for Girls till 1969
4:39 Sally The Witch
4:58 Genres of Manga
5:35 5 Types of Manga
5:54 What is Shōnen Manga
6:29 What is Shojo Manga
7:17 Pretty Gurdian Sailor Moon Story
7:51 What is Seinen Manga
8:29 What is Josei Manga
8:41 What is Kodomomuke manga
9:35 Last Episode of Pokemon
10:21 Why Indian TV Channels don't air Anime for Teenagers?

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This video is made after so many research on google, YouTube, other social media platforms and finally with my own knowledge about the topic which is discussed in the above video.
The information may or may not be accurate at all.
All the scripting, video editing, voice over and final uploading is done by Raja Shah.
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