The Untold Truth Of The Umbrella Academy

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While you might know quite a bit about the Hargreeves family and their past and future foes, there's still plenty left to uncover. From Way's creative process to some behind-the-scenes drama, here's the untold truth of The Umbrella Academy.

When comic creator Gerard Way first came up with the idea for The Umbrella Academy, his primary focus in life wasn't on writing a story about a dysfunctional family of superhero outcasts. Instead, he was deeply entrenched in his music career. In 2006, My Chemical Romance, the rock band that touched the lives of an entire generation of emo kids, had just released The Black Parade, the followup album to their 2004 hit Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge. Way spent a huge amount of his time in cramped touring quarters with his bandmates, who he told NME helped shape the personalities of the Hargreeves characters. He explained:

"Being in a band at really close quarters, as anyone who's had that experience will tell you, is like being in a dysfunctional chemistry of that is really interesting to me. I can see the guys from the band in each of the characters."

More so, Way found himself using the comic as a means to sift through his entire experience with the band, from the people he came into contact with along the way to the fame itself. Like Way and his bandmates, the Hargreeves are a sort of self-formed family, and like the band, they struggle with their own family issues. He said:

"A lot of that was my way of processing the experience My Chemical Romance had if I'm being totally honest."

Three comic volumes and a TV series into The Umbrella Academy, and it's difficult to imagine the Hargreeves siblings as being anything other than adopted family members. Keep watching the video to see the untold truth of The Umbrella Academy.

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