The werewolf boy 2012- FMV

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'The werewolf boy' is a 2012 Korean fantasy romance film, starring Park Bo young a teenage girl who is sent to a country house due to health issues, befriends and attempts to civilize a feral boy- Song Joong Ki.
One of the most successful Korean melodrama of all times can break your heart with a innocent and incomplete love.
this unforgettable piece of art has to be revised as a fan made music video in remembrance of the youth and the wait of the werewolf boy who obey to "wait for me , i'll come back to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" was capable of shattering once hearts .
Movie- The Werewolf Boy [2012]
Song used- 'lonely' By Jonghyun(shinee) ft. Taeyeon
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video edit using- shotcut
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