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Top 10 Worst NASCAR Officiating Calls

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NASCAR has to make plenty of difficult officiating calls, and a lot of times they get it wrong. Here's my top ten times they got it the wrongest.
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Disclaimer: To say this video was incredibly rushed would be an understatement. Last year I participated in a sort of challenge started by BestGuyEver, where I had to make 31 videos for 31 days. The subject matter could be anything so I stuck with what I know. This video was entirely unscripted. Of the minor errors in this video, they usually have to do with my descriptions of events. IE: Instead of many cars wrecking, it was just one or two; instead of the incident happening on lap 1, it was lap 3, etc. Overall, I don't think these take away from the quality of the vid too terribly much, so I decided to upload it to keep the content flowing while I work on a big project that is set to be released in the next few weeks.

And, as always, thanks for watching!

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