Tor Ma in Dub - The Dream Of Anaho

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Track taken from "Among Aliens and Gods":

For his second album on Dubmission, 'Among Aliens and Gods,' in Dub has added experiences from his life to the various musical styles he has developed over the years, creating a biography of bass that incorporates his love of sci-fi movies and the books of Lovecraft, the recent birth of his daughter, and a spectrum of other powerful life experiences.

The resulting compositions blend the hypnotic rhythms of global dub with the twisted atmospheres of psychedelic electronica to create a funky, bass-driven interpretation of 21st-century dub music. Broken apart and reshuffled into new and exotic arrangements based on its unmistakable dub roots, 'Among Aliens and Gods’ is a life-affirming adventure into bass that is in one moment revelrous and in the next a deeply meditative experience.

Come aboard, but come prepared — there is no turning back once this kaleidoscopic journey begins!
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