Twig the Velociraptor and Tulip the Terror Bird! (Dinosaur Comic Dub) (Jurassic World Comic Dub)

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The best of the Twig and Tulip adventures including the RoxyXTwig love

Thanks again to Pet Foolery for letting me dub more of his work!

Check him out here:
Pet Foolery:
Ago Comics:

Twig/Saber-Toothed Tiger played by me!

Sarah the Protoceratops and Tulip the Terror Bird- Played by Kat

Godzilla Puppet show is officially starting filming soon! Also more Steven Universe is coming very soon, working on a new big project for it! Twig and Tulip is back and he meets a big problem!What can I say I like Dinosaurs, and I wanted a small break from Steven Universe and Godzilla stuff. But do not worry more Godzilla KOTM, Steven Universe, My Hero Academia, Steven Universe Future, Dinosaur, and Jurassic World Comic dubs, and other projects coming soon!

Also I plan to launch some original merch soon so I hope you all are ready for that, and excited as I am for it!

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