Unemployment Update 9 12 2020 STATE WARNING (Payback Unemployment Extension) 5 States out of MONEY!

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Unemployment Update (Unemployment Extension) FPUC PUA UI Saturday 9 12 2020: (STATE SAYS MAY HAVE PAYBACK FEMA LWA BENEFIT) Five State out of Money!


Find out which state is warning their residents that the $300 weekly unemployment benefits will need to be paid back, which state is no longer eligible for extra weeks of the LWA payments, and which 2 new states got approved for the extra $300 unemployment benefits boost.

While many may not see a stimulus check possibly till November, Wisconsin residents who are currently receiving an extra $300 in weekly unemployment benefits are being warned that if a stimulus package is signed they will need to return their benefits.

It is unclear and incredibly confusing whether the checks will be retroactive to August 1st meaning the checks could overlap one another.

And with no news from Congress on a stimulus package, it questions the reliability of these LWA funds.

“Colorado, Indiana, Georgia, Iowa, Alabama, Idaho, Arizona, Arkansas, Hawaii, Alaska and Nebraska said they aren't advising recipients to return the money.”

Wisconsin is warning residents as they try to file for unemployment claims, however, “the DWD is anticipating that if Congress passes a new legislation, it will begin once Trump’s Lost Wages Assistance program lapses for the week ending Sept. 5th.”

Wisconsin is warning their residents over something that may or may not happen.

Up next, the great state of Florida can no longer receive a total of six weeks of the $300 weekly unemployment benefits as they no longer qualify.

Florida opted out of contributing $100 each week, as FEMA provides the $300 a week.

Florida offers the lowest number of weeks in unemployment benefits in the nation with only 12 weeks.

Meaning that “less than 19 percent of Floridians collecting unemployment are receiving state money.” Because people who are filing for unemployment due to that thing out there are maxed out in benefits.

FEMA says, “at least 25 percent of all unemployment benefits paid out in Florida must come from state coffers.”

It is estimated that “Unless Florida can cough up roughly $50 million dollars to make up the difference, the state will lose out on $240 million in benefits a week.”

As a tropical storm hits Florida, people need that money now more than ever.

And finally, the states that have been accepted into the Lost Wages Assistance program that sends out an extra $300 per week in unemployment benefits is Nevada and the Virgin Islands.

State officials in Nevada have stated that they still need to implement “technology changes” to accommodate the disbursement with DETR estimating it could be anywhere between 4 to 6 weeks.

Five states who have exhausted their six weeks of extra $300 weekly unemployment benefits are Arizona, Missouri, Montana, Tennessee, and Texas.

The fifteen states that have started paying the extra unemployment benefits are California, Utah, New Mexico, Idaho, Minnesota, Georgia, Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, North Carolina, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Iowa, and Michigan
Check with your state’s unemployment and PUA guidelines, tell them the truth, and get the money that you deserve in your bank account within days of approval!



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