UNEXPECTED GOOD NEWS!! Second Stimulus Check Update Wednesday, August 12th

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Second stimulus check update, Trump's executive actions, $1200 stimulus check, and stimulus check 2 update as of Wednesday, August 12th. This video covers the second stimulus package, the stimulus update, and the new stimulus package. ✅Join The Power Of Finance Investor Group:

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????Article: coronavirus update washington post

Russian President Vladimir Putin announced late yesterday the first approved virus vaccine developed that has been registered for use and one of his daughters has already been inoculated. The vaccine was developed by the Moscow-based Gamaleya Institute, using funding from the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF). The vaccine is named Sputnik V -- a reference to the 1957 Soviet Union satellite. Speaking at a government meeting on state television Tuesday, Putin emphasized that the vaccine has proven efficient during tests and offers a lasting immunity from the coronavirus. He said that “I know that it works quite effectively, forms strong immunity, and I repeat, it has passed all the needed checks.” Many scientists there and abroad have been skeptical, however, questioning the decision to register it before Phase 3 trials that normally last for months and involve thousands of people. Scientists conducted months of human trials but are yet to publish data and did not begin the crucial Phase 3 stage, which usually precedes approval, before the announcement on Tuesday. To put that into perspective Moderna and Pfizer Began Late-Stage Vaccine Trials a couple of weeks back and the The studies each aim to enroll 30,000 people and determine whether the vaccines are safe and effective.

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said on Wednesday there has been no progress this week in negotiations with Congress over another economic stimulus package and accused Democrats of being slow for political reasons. On Fox News this morning, he pushed Democratic leaders to return to the negotiating table and compromise on a $1 trillion coronavirus relief package as aid for millions of Americans hangs in limbo. Mnuchin explained how “how view on negotiations is you agree on the things that you can agree on, half legislation that's good for the American public, and then come back for another bill.” He goes on to say, “let's spend a little over $1 trillion on areas of the economy that are going to be very impactful now that we can agree on, and if we need to do more, we'll come back and do more and work together." He said how “We don’t have to do everything at once.”

With no plans announced for any further negotiations, Mnuchin said “I can’t speculate” about prospects for a deal between the Trump administration and Democrats led by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer. Mnuchin said, “If the Democrats are willing to be reasonable, there’s a compromise.” But “If the Democrats want to focus on politics and don’t want to do anything that’s going to succeed for the president, there won’t be a deal.” Mr. Mnuchin and Mr. Meadows have continued to speak daily with Republican senators on a conference call, according to people familiar with the discussions. But without updates to provide on negotiations, the pair on Tuesday devoted time to explaining the implementation of the executive actions the president announced over the weekend which are likely to face court challenges and which several governors have warned could devastate state budgets and provide little permanent relief without congressional action.

Nancy Pelosi told a reporter on Capitol Hill when asked about restarting negotiations that “I hope so, but we’ll see. Right now our differences are vast.”

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