Valheim Server | How to setup Dedicated Hosted Server @Vedui42

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IF you are here looking for a LOCAL dedicated server, I made a video specifically for that as well!

Valheim is new great co op game, but since it's best played with friends, you need a server!
Here's a very simple way to get a server setup in literally minutes, how to do it, how to access and get playing!
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Problems? I ran into two issues myself, and wrote up how to fix.

1) Server Password isn't properly set. Check out: for instructions of how to ensure the password is there properly. My server lacked that and wouldn't start, and after fixing it all was fine :)

2) Server browser sucks. And you can't connect thru IP directly. A quick way around I found was this guide, which basically have you set the server IP under your valheim client (in steam) as a launch option. So when you start the game, select your character and it'll ask for password to log into the server.

A bit tedious, but it'll be a bit of time before Valheim buffs up their server connection system a bit!

3) Add it as a server in Steam favourites. I sometimes have issues with this, but works for others.

Looking to UPLOAD existing world?

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