Villains Attack Can We Break The Valentines Curse From Creepy Coraline And The Heartbreaker

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The villains attack can we break the Valentines curse from creepy Coraline and the Heartbreaker. We must break the villains Coraline and Heartbreaker curse before Valentine’s day in real life! Frankie has had her heart broken by the Heartbreaker when she ate some magical valentines’ chocolate. It caused her heart to break and she has been very sad. The Heartbreaker and the creepy Coraline doll said they would give her the cure but only if the let the Valentine’s Day Heartbreaker into our house for free. The villain names The Heartbreaker gives Frankie half of the cure that will only break the Valentine’s Day curse for her for 1 hour. So, we must find all the Heartbreaker's clues which are drenched in red! Red is the most popular color for Valentine’s day as it is the color of love. The creepy Coraline doll shows up and plays with us too! As we search the house and find clues and help rescue us from this sneaky Villain on what is supposed to be a holiday filled with love! But we must deal with this haunted house that is full of creepy villains!

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