When Stars Get Old They Turn into Planets?

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Just one innocent question about the vastness and awesomeness of the Universe can make dozens more pop-up in your head. Can stars turn into planets? What are stars made of? Can a black hole swallow a star? Thanks to new technology, spacecraft, and probes, scientists accumulate new data about the Universe and the Solar System on a daily basis. Today we know about the Big Bang, black holes, and other galaxies. How about learning more about stars?

Do you know, for example, that out of the hundreds of billions of stars in the Milky Way, we won’t see an absurd majority of them? They’re either hidden by something or too dim to be visible. In a clear night sky and without any light to pollute the picture, you’ll be able to see around 3,000 stars. Some other objects you may see are planets, distant galaxies, satellites, or even the International Space Station. Interested? Then here's another compilation of surprising facts about space!


Can stars turn into planets? 00:00
What about the other way around? 0:29
What ARE stars made of? 0:51
Where do stars come from? 1:15
How big can a star be? 1:35
How bright can they get? 2:01
Do all stars have planets? 2:30
Do stars move? 2:59
Do stars twinkle? 3:20
How do stars’ life cycles end? 3:44
What’s a supernova? 4:14
Do all black holes appear from stars? 4:36
What are neutron stars? 5:04
Are there real shooting stars? 5:38
Could a planet have 2 suns? 6:07
Are there any cold stars? 6:35
Can a black hole swallow a star? 6:54
What are the closest and furthest stars from the Sun? 7:24
How many stars are visible from the Earth? 7:55
How old can a star be? 8:24
How many stars are in the Universe? 8:57

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