Where I Belong (Simple Plan & State Champs ft. We The Kings)

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Official music video for "Where I Belong" by Simple Plan, State Champs ft. We The Kings

Directed by Chady Awad
Additional footage by:
Beth Savaro
Tony Catalano
Charles Trippy

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I'm looking in the rearview mirror
Everything looks the same
There's nothing but broken streetlights
And I'm just trying to escape

I'm waiting on a distant feeling
I'm waiting for things to change
It's getting hard to run on empty
But maybe I'm not so far away
Cuz it feels like home

I found a reason
And suddenly I'm not so alone
I'm finally breathing
Like I never could on my own
Start the countdown
Let's get it on
Scream my lungs out
To our favourite song
'Cause this is where I belong

I can tell you just don't get it
And that you'll never understand
I'm sorry that I can't be perfect
But I'm not changing who I am

Maybe there's no destination
Maybe I'm gonna make mistakes
I'll let you in on one of my secrets
I’m still just as lost as yesterday
But it feels like home

Look past the warning signs
The same ones that told me
I should just turn back and run
Play it safe before you come undone
If you saw through my eyes
This view was worth the climb
Believe me when I say
There's no place in this world I'd rather be

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