Witch and cloud, Ben and Holly 2020, 4K

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605 Witch and cloud, Ben and Holly 2020, 4K
Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom. Somewhere, hidden amongst thorny brambles, is a little kingdom of elves and fairies. Everyone who lives here is very, very

Ben Elf and princess-fairy Holly are the most important characters of the cartoon in English. Each episode is a new adventure for our heroes. Watch all episodes in compilation and you better get to know who Ben and Holly are, who their friends are and who live near Ben and Holly, like Ladybird Gaston, Nanny Plum, Wise Old Elf, King Thistle, Queen Thistle, Holly's little sisters Daisy and Poppy, Mr. Elf, Mrs. Elf, Redbeard Elf Pirate, little girl Lucy, caterpillar Betty, Big Bad Barry, Santa Claus and Christmas elves, Bobby the bee, alien Zyrus, Bong planet, dwarves, Mrs. Witch. Also watch compilations of all episodes without frames and all-new episodes 2017 Ben & Holly's Little Kingdom and you will know what is the elf windmill, planet Bong, a picnic on the moon, jelly flood, chickens ride west, The elf factory, The elf rocket, The elf submarine, north pole, journey to the center of the earth, snow, what happens with the stars and many burnaby violet
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