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Welcome to Skeed magic meditation music and this witch coven music or magical music. This witchcraft meditation music is for all, baby witch beginner witch advanced witches as well as for other types of magical and ritual practises.
This witch coven music is a magical music mix for your rituals in witchcraft for meditation and even just to relax too as background music. Use it to practice your occult rituals, occult meaning different things to different people. To occult means to hide, so out of sight or private. Ritual means something you do as habit or as a rite (rite of passage). This can mean contemplation, wicca rituals, yoga, meditation or simply to listen to as you go for a walk in nature. Of course Reiki is a form of magic and many use it in their tarot reading sessions or to fall asleep too.
Whether you are a witch or practitioner of any philosophy, religion or creed… this music can help to inspire you to heal and discover yourself, depending on what you seek.
Thank you for joining me, people call me Skeed.
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I would like to personally thank you for taking the time to help yourselves and I hope this truly brings more joy and peace into your life.
I am on a journey to help the world in my own little way one video at a time and bring a little more beauty into the world and if you have a meditative mind then feel free to join me.
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Great for sleep too ..... Namaste,
Skeed ⁦
All images, video clips and music on this channel are either my own, Creative Commons 0 or in the Public Domain to the best of my knowledge. Unless attribution is stated and credited to the authors.
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