Witch in Cemetery Happiness

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Join Taren S, a High Priestess in a Crossroads Witchcraft Tradition and members of the House of Witchcraft and Witches’ Cottage coven for tips, advice, wisdom, and humor in all things Witchy.
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Taren S stood in her first magickal circle at 17 yrs. old in the backwoods of North Carolina with a coven of Southern conjuring Witches. Their magickal roots are traced over 100 years in the region. She was initiated as a High Priestess within the American Witchcraft Tradition in 1995. Along the East Coast, she has stood as HPS at many large festivals and gatherings. Her original coven has hived off several times since forming over 25 years ago.

For over a decade, she worked full time at a Haitian Voodoo Priest’s botanica (magick shop) as a spiritual counselor and professional tarot card reader in the Lowcountry of South Carolina. Furthering her magickal and spiritual path, she was initiated as a Mama Bridget within American-Haitian Voodoo.

Currently, she lives in San Diego County and is the founder of The House of Witchcraft. You can find out more information at

“Once a Witch, always a Witch. If you feel Witchy then you are Witchy. Welcome home.”
Taren S

“I don’t have to understand your magick, I just need to respect that you are doing magick”
Taren S

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