ZOMG doggy to infinity *MYTHIC SECRET* (day 10) | bubble gum simulator

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We got a mythic secret in 10 days! Ofcoruse I still remember someone gave me a elite challenger at the start of the challenge! I am planning to return the elite challenger and extras when I get to around 40k value!

ZOMG's new value list (working progress):
ZOMG's discord:
ZOMG’s W/L club:
ZOMG’s brawl stars discord:
ZOMG’s brawl stars club: ZOMG club (search it up, requires 16k trophies)
ZOMG’s clash royale group: ZOMG army (search it up, requires 4k trophies)

Roblox group: #!/about
????all the merchandise is in the group store ????

The doggy to Infinity playlist ????????????????????????????

#ZOMG #DoggyToInfinity #DoggyToSecret #DoggyToKingDoggy #DoggyToDementor #BGS #RipZOMG
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