Zomjack Cares For Zomko! | Zombie Dumb Season 2! | 좀비덤 | 키즈 만화

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Zomko strikes Moon st. And stuns away from the airship. Zomjack, who finds Zomko fainted, worries about what to do and finally brings Zomko into his lab and nurses her. But Zomko is lying unconsciously. Looking for a way to save Zomko, Zomjack leaves to find the legendary potions hidden in ancient pyramids. Potion of legend held in the hands of the sleeping wizard Skull! Zomjack struggles to take legendary potions in secret from the scary wizard Skull. Can Zomjack save Zomko with legendary potions?

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The world is swarming with zombies. The town is demolished and is now an empty place that the residents have deserted. At night, a group of zombie kids who each have different personalities, abilities, and values but act as one group of dumb friends wander around Moon Street. However, their lack of intelligence is always causing trouble. They get even dumber when the last human kid appears before them and brings even more problems. Tonight, the foolish but happy kids do slapstick situational comedy on Moon Street.
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