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A Perfect Life (Watch Free, Thriller Movie, Stream Movies Online, Free Movies) Youtube Movie

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A Perfect Life (2010): In this s*xy, urban thriller, Andrew Walters leads A Perfect Life, with a high-powered career and beautiful wife. But not since Fatal Attraction has an extra-marital affair gone so wrong.

Director: Jith Sen
Writer: Johan Earl
Stars: Johan Earl, Heidi Houghting, Amelia Beau Kaldor

I bought this film not expecting much as it doesn't have any big stars but I was pleasantly surprised. It really rocked! The acting was solid, and the hunky star of the film, Johan Earl really made the journey complete for me. Personally, I can't wait to see more from him :-) Overall this film is a gritty, s*xy psychological thriller in the vein of Fatal Attraction crossed with Misery but with the added gore it makes it a must see for fans of psychological thrillers. Watch for the Catheda scene...Ouch! I won't spoil it for anyone who hasn't seen it but when Andrew Walters is strapped up and connected to a lie detector his entire world crumbles apart and must take drastic and desperate measures to get out alive. Any of you guys out there who think about cheating on their partners - beware! Defeintely worth a watch. There's new stars in the making in this film without a doubt.

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