AGREEMENT REACHED!! Second Stimulus Check + Stimulus Package Update Congress Votes Today

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Senators reached an agreement on the Federal Reserve’s emergency lending powers late Saturday, clearing the last major hurdle on a $900 billion coronavirus-relief package, according to aides from both parties.
This is your Second Stimulus Check update, stimulus package update, and stimulus check 2 update and daily show for news today. What's the status of a second $1200 stimulus check?
Second stimulus check update 12-9. Detailed second-stimulus check update 12-8. Joe Biden Provides stimulus update. Stimulus package priorities by Joe Biden including unemployment assistance, PUA / PEUA payments of $600 per week, rental aid, housing aid, mortgage aid. Biden called this stimulus package during the Lame Duck session of congress a "down payment" on the stimulus work that's to be done. Stimulus check update for SSDI and SSI as well.
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What to expect in the next $1200 stimulus check:
This is a second round of economic impact payments structured identically to the rebates sent to taxpayers in the spring. It would provide $1,200 for single taxpayers and heads of household, $2,400 for those married filing jointly. The credit will phase out identically to the first round, at 5 percent per dollar of qualified income above $75,000 for singles, $112,500 for heads of household, and $150,000 for joint taxpayers.

On this channel we cover the second stimulus check, the stimulus update, and also the next stimulus package. The stimulus package that passed under the Trump Administration earlier in March of 2020 was the Cares Act. We discuss the stimulus check, the second stimulus check, stimulus unemployment, the SBA PPP Loan, the EIDL loan, the forgivable loan, and the upcoming stimulus package. We also discuss if SSI, SSDI, Railroad Retirement beneficiaries, Social Security recipients and VA recipients qualify for the next round of stimulus checks. We hope you enjoy this second stimulus check update. This channel also answers frequently asked questions like, when will we receive our next $1200 stimulus check? who will qualify for the next $1200 stimulus check? when to expect the next $1200 stimulus check? will the enhanced unemployment insurance (FPUC) be extended at $600?

Thank you for joining this stimulus bill update and stimulus news. Stayed tuned for the stimulus check 2 date! We'll look forward to a possible third stimulus check and stimulus check 3. We will update you on the HEALS Act and the CARES Act or CARES Act 2 and the HEROES Act We hope you enjoy these stimulus check updates regarding the stimulus check 2 status and the stimulus check second. We also look at the executive orders that were recently issued.


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