Amigo The Devil - Quiet as a Rat (Official Music Video)

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Amigo The Devil "Quiet as a Rat " video by Courtney and Ray Gauger.

There was a kid who came home red from panic and fear.
Some kids at the school had beaten him way past tears.
His mom cried “Jesus Christ” as she cleaned the blood pouring out of his ears…
but it was obvious that, quiet as a rat, god was nowhere near.

There was a girl at the bar.
She overdosed in a photo booth.
Nobody found her body until last call.
The pictures all showed her terrified and a loner
while everyone cried what a great friend she was.

And everyone treats commandments like more like a bucket list so
Iʼve been been asking why I was born against?

Time doesnʼt respect what doesnʼt respect it
and kind isnʼt a word I would use for man.
If everyoneʼs made in “his” image and even “he” couldnʼt perfect it,
then what the hell makes anyone think we can?

He had the faith of a dog, the debt of a sinner
and a chain tied from his neck to around a tree.
He taped a hospital bill to the dashboard…kissed the ring on his finger
and drove himself to eternity.

Iʼve been trying to hide I was born against.
I wonder if Iʼll die…born against.

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