Best season 9 sniper on Phone | Call Of Duty Mobile

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Ehh ranked matchmaking took too long, then I found out most legends went on pubs so why not?

Sensitivity : 125 175 175 125

Device : Iphone 7

Yes my Aim Assist Is OFF

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Games I used to play:

Rules of survival : I got banned 4 times in RoS and I was a Top player in Left due to the release of CoD Mobile Beta.

PUBG : I got banned so I made a new accounnt

Fortnite Mobile : Never been banned in the game, I only played it for a week then left because my friends were playing it and I wanted to My aim was on point and I don't use aim assist on any of the games I

#CODM is a game that I play right now because many people play it. #CODMobile is also a game that I think is worth playing because of the satisfaction you get for killing a player, it is a game to relax and a game to compete in events. Check out #CallOfDutyMobile now by typing CODM, available on Apple and Android.
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