Chernobyl exclusion zone after forest fires (Ghost Town 1)

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Trip to exclusion zone of Chernobyl, after forest firest. Unfortunately people only know about Pripyat and don't care about hundreds of other dead towns and villages which located within 250 kms radius around reactor. Most of them North from the nuclear reactor.
Radiation in this video 20 times more than normal, which was the heighest where people lived in Chernobyl in 2016.
This is beginning of my Chernobyl series called Ghost Town.
Further in my Chernobyl videos I will tell about radiation, exclusion zone, radioactive fallout, nuclear isotoes ..will tell how Chernobyl today is, documentaries about the accident, chronicles about stalkers, exclusion zone, Pripyat, Fukushima, 4K Chernobyl drone footage, facts about nuclear isotopes and nuclear plant accidents. Check out Chernobyl films, there are untold story of
real Chernobyl

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