Drawing DIO in Different Anime Styles

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What's up everyone, here's my Different Anime Syle Challenge #3!! This time Dio Brando from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure :) This was really fun to do, tell me what you think of it and who you wanna see next!
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Time: 16 hours
Materials: Copic Markers, Prismacolors, Copic Mutiliners, Strathmore Bristoll Smooth 300s (Paper)

Music Credit:
1. JoJo' Biz

2. Attack on Titan ( by PALADEMIX)

3. Dragon Ball Z

4. Jujutsu no Kaisen (by KIJUGO)

5. Dr. Stone (by PALADEMIX)

6. My Hero Academia (by PALADEMIX)

7. Naruto (by Nate Cadillac Made It)

8. One Piece

9. One Punch Man (by KIJUGO)

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I don't own any of the music, all rights to their respective owners.
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