Icewind Dale | Episode 2 | Beyond Heroes

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Having tumbled through a portal the Beyond Heroes crew now find themselves waking up in the middle of a freezing blizzard.

This latest Beyond Heroes adventure is inspired by the upcoming Dungeons and Dragons adventure "Rime of the Frostmaiden".

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Beyond Heroes "The story so far":

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This week the cast are joined by Ethan Monsour (he/him). Ethan is a cast member of the Actual Play D4 ( ), where he plays Harold Hovelton. He is known for quick improv and laughing heartily at the antics of himself and his friends. Follow him on Twitter:

View character sheets for all our players here:

Todd Kenreck as the Dungeon Master

Briv, Half-Orc Oath of Heroism Paladin played by Adam Bradford

Orkira, Dragonborn Light Domain Cleric played by Lauren Urban

Penelope, Halfling Circle of Land Druid played by Hope LaVelle

Alyndra Alexandria Garanahil Sarrbarand, Lorekeeper of Rime Spiro, Kinscribe of Clan Monkeymouse, High Elf Cleric / Wizard played by Jen Kretchmer

Keen, Eladrin Eldritch Knight Fighter played by TJ Storm

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