Leaving Out My SECRET DIARY For My CRUSH To Find PRANK... **I CHEATED**????????|Emily Dobson

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Hi my Eminems! It's Emily Dobson one of Piper Rockelle's Best Friends. Welcome to my youtube page here you can see another video leaving out my secret diary for my crush to find, i cheated prank. Thats right guys im back at it with more prank on my crush Sawyer Sharbino. But today i don't just prank my crush i also prank Piper Rockelle, and her cousin. In todays prank video i take a pretend secret diary and i leave it our for my friends to find, but the messages inside the diary are pretty mean. So stay tuned to see how my crush reacts to my note saying that i cheated. If you wanna see more challenges, and pranks like this please LIKE, and don't forget to subscribe for more weekly videos with the squad.

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