NEW DEADLINE SENATE 2 DAYS Second Stimulus Check Update $1200 PUA SSI SSDI Unemployment Benefits

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NEW DEADLINE SENATE TWO MORE DAYS Second Stimulus Check Update $1200 PUA SSI SSDI + Unemployment Benefits

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Here’s your daily stimulus check, your second stimulus check, your executive action, executive order, memorandums, moratoriums, and stimulus package update for Saturday, December 19th, 2020.

Sen. Ron Johnson blocked a last-minute push by his Republican colleague Sen. Josh Hawley on Friday to secure a $1,200 stimulus check for American families.

Hawley tried to force a vote on a proposal that he introduced earlier this month alongside Sen. Bernie Sanders that would have sent cash payments of up to $1,2000 to millions of adults who earn less than $99,000 and $500 checks to their children.

Under Senate rules, any senator can request to pass a bill but any of their colleagues can object and block it.

Senator Ron Johnson blocked Hawley’s request on Friday.

Johnson stated, “I completely support one kind of program targeted for small businesses so they can re-employ, so they can reopen, to restore capital.”

He continued: What I fear we’re going to do with this bipartisan package, and what the senator from Missouri is talking about is the same thing - a shotgun approach.”

Hawley warned Friday that he won’t allow a continuing resolution to pass until he knows what’s in the potential agreement.

Up next, a new roadblock emerged as the fight centers on the Fed’s extraordinary actions to prevent an economic collapse.

Senator Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania is arguing that the Fed lending programs were designed to be “temporary” and “cease operations no later than the end of 2020.”

However, Democrats are concerned Republicans are slashing the Fed’s broader authority, which has been a stabilizing force for the economy, just weeks before the Biden administration takes over.

On Friday, Democratic lawmakers firmly rejected Tommey’s proposal, saying that the call to curb Fed powers is thwarting a relief bill, as well as threatening the Fed’s independence.

Toomey disputed the criticism, saying the Cares Act programs were always meant to be temporary, and that he’s held this view for months.

And finally, the Senate has approved a two-day spending bill to avert a government shutdown, kicking the deadline to Sunday evening so negotiators have more time to hammer out a year-end spending agreement and Covid stimulus package.

Talks on a $900 billion coronavirus bill remain stuck over the Federal Reserve's lending programs and other issues, although congressional leaders insist they are close to a resolution.

The House passed a two-day stopgap bill Friday evening to avert a government shutdown at midnight and give negotiators more time to strike a stimulus deal.

Republicans and Democrats have been optimistic a stimulus and funding deal could be reached this week after months of impasse.

So it appears talks over the next stimulus bill are likely to stretch into this weekend as lawmakers remain at an impasse yet again.

That was your stimulus check, your second stimulus check, your executive action and stimulus package update for Saturday, December 19th, 2020



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