NEW UPDATE VERSION 1.036 || SAKURA School Simulator

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[SAKURA School Simulator] NEW UPDATE VERSION Short Video (by Garusoft Development Inc) [Mobile THGames] - Download Android/iOS

・Helicopter, Dr. Heli
・Items: stroller, baby bed, bed merry, baby bottle, Torii, pole, iron bar, stone lantern, low poly trees, watermelon, watermelon splitting set, enemy watermelon, etc.
・Costume: Summer clothes, maternity, Happi coat, Baby_1,2
・Masks (pacifier, mustache, beak,etc.)
・Japanese festival event (street stalls in front of the shrine, taiko stage in the park)
・Log house

For iOS, it takes a little time to release, because this app has to be examined by Apple.
Please wait for a while.
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