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Artist: Ozlig
Genre: Deep House / Slap House
Label: After Silence Records

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Game: Helltaker
Name: Lucifer

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Nightcore - Devil - Ozlig
Nightcore Devil
Nightcore Devil Lyrics
Nightcore Devil Remix

???? Lyrics

She said we can crush and burn in paradise, would be nice
He said don’t you ever trust that girls advice, think twice

I don’t wanna think about it, got to set my worries free
If i’m flirting with the devil she wanna dance with me
And I’m sorry that you may heard, but I’m happy as i can be
Cause’ I’m dancing with the devil, and she’s coming home with me

She’s coming home with me
She’s coming home with me

Burn in paradise, would be nice
Don’t you ever trust that girls advice
Burn in paradise, think twice, would be nice
Don’t you ever trust that girls advice

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