Obliterating a Pay-to-win Minecraft server with duping!

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Hey ya'll! Today, we crash a Pay-to-win Chiliean server, ! This server sells elytras, P2W ranks, money, and other objects that gives an unfair advantage to the rich! We also get 100,000,000$ (10x more than baltop) and buy out /ah! This was made over the course of almost a MONTH so some love would be nice?

I got a twitter now!
Join our subreddit:
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Thanks so much for watching! If you find any P2W servers that have active dupes that you have tested on, DM Hey_#4068!

The client used is future, or look on the top left corner.
You can buy this client for here:

You might notice this is a reupload. I used some (not nice) music, which I probably shouldn't have done, so I've rerendered this 5 times, and spent nearly a month making this, and I'm completely drained. Its such a relief that I can finally get this out, and take a little break for once. Even though this has alot of speed up footage, 90% of everything was done off camera because I don't want the boring things like searching for donkeys for every single stash, etc.

Because of all this, expect the next video to be in a while. I'm really tired, but dont worry, P2W shall not stop! Hopefully it won't be a month wait again lol. eventually, I wan't to get weekly uploads down.

You may be questioning the weird music. That is because I don't want to get demonized (Yea I'm monetized now, thank you all!) but people cant agree on a genre of music.

Donations are appreciated, and will go to ending P2W!:


- yea I know its not chiliean but I had to change this last minute, and ive already rerendered it 5 times.

your actually reading the description? legend
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