Ruby the Werewolf Queen? | GTA V Funny Moments

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Whoa Whoa Whoa-oh, oh hi there. It looks like you are confused to what you just watched. I know I was. This is one of those times where, I can't explain what the fuck happened. I can explain the werewolf queen part of the video. It's a Adventure Time reference from season 1. It's from "The Real You" episode where Finn goes to school to become smarter for PB and the professor talk about the werewolf queen a lot. And after the last part of the video or near the end, I talk about Ruby turning into a werewolf, and well if we are being honest, she's a queen. So Werewolf Queen! Anywho, the next funny moments will be next week & it'll likely be shorter. I don't know i've only looked over about an hour of footage so yeah. This one though is pretty great, maybe, just maybe, was worth a shot i guess. If you wanna subscribe it'd be pretty cool. Or watching it fully a few times to get that average view duration up because the algorithm is fucked for small channels. Please take care!
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