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In this Dance Academy video you can see an extra long episode of the full episode 1, 2 and 3 from season 1! ????‍♂️

Full Episode 1: Learning to Fly (0:00:45)
Country girl Tara Webster travels to Sydney to audition for the prestigious National Academy of Dance. It's a tumultuous week as she realises her dream of becoming a dancer is going to be a lot more difficult than she ever anticipated.

Full Episode 2: Week Zero (0:23:29)
Tara arrives at the Academy excited about the year ahead but soon discovers that she is the worst dancer in the class. As Tara struggles to fit in, she learns the hard way to respect her teachers, who her true friends are, and to watch her back around her roommate Abigail.

Full Episode 3: Behind Bars (0:46:13)
When Tara's crush on Ethan threatens to derail her friendship with Kat, Sammy gets her to write a pros and cons list to clear her head. As the roommate war escalates, Abigail wins a decisive victory — emailing Tara's list to the whole school. Christian finds himself in police custody and, with nowhere else to go, has to accept his place at the Academy.

Enjoy this Dance Academy special! ????????

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Dance Academy is mainly about the fifteen-year-old Tara Webster – a girl who grew up on a farm in outback Australia. Since she was a little girl she has dreamt of being a dancer and in the series she finally makes it into the National Academy of Dance. It’s known as the best school in the country and she is sure her life is about to be spectacular.
Throughout the series Tara and her friends face the universal challenges of being a teenager and they battle through the minefield of elite dance training. Relationships grow and change as they live side by side in the Boarding House. They each take a different path, but they start to find out who they are and they all dare to chase their dreams.

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