Steven Ask's Connie to Change Her Name! Steven Universe Future Comic Dub (Su Comic Dub)

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Steven has a small favor to ask his GF Connie, well maybe not a small

[Made with permission]

Thanks to TuneyToonz for allowing me to dub this amazing comic, follow them here! They are an amazing person and artist!



Connie- Loganne Digma

Steven/Lars- Cougar MacDowall (Me!)
@Cougarmacdowal1 on Twitter

Peridot- KatastrofreeVA

Lapis Lazuli- brookasaurusVA
Twitter: @brookasaurusVA

Bismuth- Brodingles
Twitter @brodingles

Greg Universe: SoggyEchidna

Yeah the world is pretty dark right now, so I wanted to help with a little distraction. I know that may seem dumb to some people, but even if it's only for 2 minutes its a break from reality lol. Anyways sad stuff aside, don't worry more Steven Universe Future, Godzilla, Steven Universe, My Hero Academia, JOJO, and so many more projects to come very soon! Remember stay safe, stay good, and sometimes you gotta risk it for the biscuit!

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