Suhaag movie 2 official trailer Ajay Devgan, Akshay Kumar, Sara Ali Khan, Kiara Advani, Danny

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Tital-Suhag 2 Movie Trailer.

The 1994 film "Suhag" was the film in which "Akshay Kumar" and "Ajay Devgan" were seen together on the big screen for the first time and they were supported by "Karisma Kapoor" and "Nagma" in the film. Along with this, many big stars were also seen in this film whose good performance proved to be the highest grossing film of the year whose "Gana Gore Gore Mukhe Pe Kala Kala Chashma" remains a favorite of people even today but Friends, do you know that according to reports, the director of this film "Kuku Kohli" is going to bring the sequel of this film soon the "Suhaag 2" movie is going to be available to us soon.

Today, in this video of ours, we are going to give you all the information related to the sequel of this film, which will be the star cast, what will be the story and how long will the film come.

If you also want to know about all these things, then stay with us till the end of this video and you should not forget to like our video for this hit film.

The 1984 film "Suhag" was an action film in which "Ajay Devgan" and "Akshay Kumar" were seen as each other's close friends while "Karisma" as Ajay's girlfriend and "Nagma" as Akshay's girlfriend. Appeared as

The story of the film was to save Ajay's mother, the husband of "Aruna Irani" ie her husband who is sent to jail in the wrong accusations, Ajay and "Raj" Akshay work hard to bring them out and save them. Let's bring the film with which it ends.

The same story of the film was very much liked by the audience, due to which the film became a superhit film as well as all the songs of the film were very presently this film has been completed for 26 years and now it is reported that the director of the film "Kuku" Kohli "will soon be the sequel to the film as" Suhag 2 ".

It is being told that the work on the story of the film has started and the film will be full of action and romance as before, according to the news, this time also there will be two actors and two heroines who will fight to save their honey.

The same thing is said about the star cast of the film that Kuku Kohli has chosen Ajay Devgan and Akshay Kumar in the main lead for the sequel of the film, while Ajay's opposite "Kiara Advani" as the heroine and Akshay's opposite "Sara" Ali Khan "has been chosen, but none of these have given any confirmation to work in the film and at the moment the story of the film is also being worked on, then seeing all these, it seems that the film is yet to come It may take a long time, but right now the audience is excited to see Ajay and Akshay in the sequel of their first film.

So friends, do you think that the sequel of the film will be a hit like the first film or not ????? You must tell us your comments by commenting in the comment box and also to know such spicy news related to Bollywood. You should not forget to subscribe to our channel.
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