The Mummy’s Curse? - Blind Let's Play Zero Escape: The Nonary Games (999) Episode #12

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Welcome back to my blind let’s play of Zero Escape: The Nonary Games! Today, I’m not really sure anyone in the group is sane! This is a series voted one by my patrons over at #NonaryGames #ZeroEscape #Letsplay

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About Zero Escape: The Nonary Games:
Kidnapped and taken to an unfamiliar location, nine people find themselves forced to participate in a diabolical Nonary Game by an enigmatic mastermind called Zero. Why were they there? Why were they chosen to put their lives on the line as part of a dangerous life and death game? Who can be trusted? Tensions rise as the situation becomes more and more dire, and the nine strangers must figure out how to escape before they wind up dead.
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