Warframe: Limbo - Master Spy Fast Run

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Just me playing some Limbo on an Eris Spy Mission. Full stealth bonus on all data terminals. Laser grids? What laser grids? :P Limbo is one of the troll-iest frames, and I was a little reluctant to try it at first, but now I see what it can really do. Invulnerability nearly at will? Yes Free energy for being in the rift? Yes Able to put other players in the rift to make them immune to non-phased enemies and give them energy? Yes ... occasionally use that power to become Troll-bo, making teammates drop mission items or not be able to pick it up in the first *trollface* ... yes please.

It has been a while since I uploaded a video, and a lot has changed, so I'll try to record some more footage and upload it for shits and giggles.
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