Windows 10 - Update 2004 CHANGES (Vs. 1909)

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Here are all the update changes from 1903 and 1903 to 2004 update, there are some REALLY good changes worth updating for!

0:00 Mouse Cursor now in steps of 20
0:59 How to update to 2004, though not everyone can update.
1:31 Reset PC includes cloud download option.
2:07 Passwordless sign-in, though you can already do this :p
2:55 Windows Defender new deeper scan and now 'Microsoft Defender'
3:23 Start Menu Search feature (pretty good). Algorithm update to indexing
4:10 Cortana overhaul
4:35 Task manager performance tab readout, with GPU temperature and SSD Model readout.
4:57 GPU Scheduling option introduced
5:42 Direct X 12 Tier Update, Inline Ray Tracing improvements. Texture Streaming, Texture-space shading. New DirectX Mesh Shader.
6:49 Option features and notepad update.
7:31 Network status display updated. WSL 2 update and Sandbox improvements
7:55 bluetooth pairing update, microsoft analytics.
8:12 App Volume update.
8:28 Magnifier Update with dark theme support.
8:42 Disk Clean up improvements and Foreign language improvements, and eye control update.
9:00 Delivery of windows updates can be throttled manually with dedicated bandwith caps.
9:20 Narrator gets basically overhauled with heaps of improvements.
9:32 Narrator Text Cursor (actually really cool).
9:48 Possible bugs if you decide to update early, mouse cursor bug I experienced.

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